We are more than happy to provide on-site training. Normal costs for on-site training are $1200 per day plus expenses. The cost for those enrolled in the Software Support Program is $800 per day plus expenses. Listed below are some of the training sessions we provide.

Beginning to Use the PPS

This workshop places two students in front of each computer. The students are instructed in the areas of adding new consumers to the PPS, completing Vision for the Future statements for consumers and establishing Personal Goals. Assigning and tracking supports, services and skill training is taught, and users are introduced to the PPS Program Library and its 200 some training programs. This workshop is usually taught in two days. If installation of the software or development of an agency-specific PPS implementation plan is required, an additional half-day is usually necessary.

Beginning to Use the PPS - Follow-up Visit

This workshop generally occurs one to two months after the Beginning to Use the PPS workshop. Staff are assisted as they produce actual progress notes, and assistance is given to the PPS System Manager in a variety of areas, depending on need. Appropriate staff are taught how to do consumer progress notes and reviews. This workshop is normally provided in two days.

Intensive PPS Program Writing Workshop

This workshop concentrates on the conversion of an agency's curriculum to the PPS format, and the entry into the Agency's PPS Program Library of as many of the agency's consumer's objectives as time and manpower allows. It is not necessary to have a computer for every two students, however at least one computer is needed for entry of the converted programs into the PPS Program Library. This workshop is normally provided in two days.

Learning to Use the Advanced PPS Features

This workshop assumes that the agency has already mastered the main PPS features of consumer data entry, reporting, Vision for the Future Development, Personal Objectives assignment, progress note writing, and review note writing. Training is provided in the usage of PPS Master Folders method of assigning Individual Support Plan items to consumers, and completing these on a reoccurring basis. Instruction is also provided in modifying the PPS review and ISP templates used by Word or WordPerfect during the creation of the reviews and Individual Support Plans. This workshop is normally provided over two days.

For more information about on-site training E-mail training@habsoft.com
or call us at (828) 438-9455

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