The Software Support Program was developed to provide the best possible security blanket of technical support for users of the Personal Planning System. This low-cost program provides the following services to agencies who purchase PPS Software Support:

Telephone Support

Telephone support provided by Habilitation Software's support staff is categorized as one of two types of assistance:

Class "A" Support is assistance provided to PPS users through voice telephone calls. We are glad to assist you with not only PPS questions, but also other problems and questions, and disk backup problems and questions. ALL problems solved by telephone in less than 10 minutes are considered Class "A" Support. Habilitation Software provides UNLIMITED Class "A" Support.

Class "B" Support is assistance provided to our users which repairs data file damage (usually caused by power failure, failure to exit the program properly, or running out of hard disk space). Class "B" Support is frequently provided to our users via telephone modem. Our users are encouraged to equip their computers with a 56K modem or another type of connection to the internet and a copy of PC-Anywhere. Our programmers are then able to "take over" an agency's computer and repair and re-link data files, or modify batch files. Agencies which do not have a modem or PC-Anywhere software can receive the same assistance by sending us backup disks. We will then repair file damage and return the repaired data, via overnight courier if desired. Agencies with the Software Support Agreement receive one free hour of Class "B" Support, and are billed at the rate of $75 per hour for any additional amounts of Class "B" Support needed. Agencies who have let their Software Support Agreement lapse may also receive Class "B" Support, but are billed at the rate of $125 per hour.

Program Updates

The Personal Planning System is constantly being improved through comments and suggestions from our users and whenever changes in Federal ICF/MR Standards require program changes. Enrollment in the Software Support Program entitles you to free updates as they are released. Agencies who have let their Software Support Agreement lapse may receive an upgrade by purchasing the Software Support Agreement and requesting an upgrade to the latest version.

Consultation and Training

Most questions and problems can be quickly cleared up over the telephone. Where on-site training or consultation is desired, we are happy to provide it. Normal costs for on-site consultation or training are $1200 per day plus expenses. The cost for those enrolled in the Software Support Program is $800 per day plus expenses.

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