What kind of computer do I need in order to use the PPS?
At least a Pentium, with 64meg of RAM for Windows 95/98. At least a 300 MMX Pentium class CPU, with 64meg of RAM for Windows NT/2000.

Will the PPS run on a Network?
Yes. The PPS will work on a Windows NT, Windows 2000 Server, and Novell network.

Can I get training for the PPS?
Yes. Time Limited Version Users are given one free hour of phone support. Any user can request on site training. Someone would be scheduled to visit your agency and do the training for as long as you like. On site training is $800.00 per day plus expenses.

How hard is the PPS to use?
The PPS is menu driven and intuitive. The PPS comes with a manual and other training and learning materials. The PPS also has a Learn directory, where users can use a set of learn exercises (included in the above mentioned PPS materials) to learn all the different features of the software. As mentioned in a previous question, users can also take advantage of the one hour free phone training or schedule on site training.

Do you ever offer user training workshops?
Yes. We have two workshops each year. Both workshops are in Asheville, NC. The April workshop is for beginners to intermediate PPS users. The fall workshop is for advanced users.

What monitor settings does the PPS support?
The PPS supports 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 in resolution and has support for 256 colors to 32-bit desktop color depth.

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