"The PPS is easy to use and puts the focus where it should be, on the client."
Brandi Kota
Jonbec, Inc.

"I do want you to know that your program PPS is one of the most practical and efficient software programs I have worked with. We at Southern Wisconsin Center, are using it on our LAN system, covering 380 people. We finally completed the conversion from stand alone PPS to LAN. The big benefit I see, and which I have convinced my director about, is the enhancement of accountability and quality assurance. Currently the State is in the process of finalizing a settlement with the Department of Justice. PPS is taking a key role in ensuring the quality of care and meeting the standards as described in the settlement with DOJ. One key factor to your program is the continued software support and development. Listening to your users seems to me your strong point. All of you at HabSoft deserve a big compliment in doing a great job!"
Gerry Heijnen
Southern Wisconsin Center

"The PPS has been an enormous time saver. What used to take seven days now takes two to three hours."
Terry Sandusky
Aroostook Residential Center
Presque Isle, Maine

"I truly love the system. There is so much information available at my fingertips."
Shirley Douglas
Western Carolina Center
Morganton, North Carolina

"Habilitation efforts at our agency have definitely improved. QMRPs are better able to key in on training problems, better able to evaluate their staff, and are able to evaluate client response to programming more objectively. The structure of the objectives makes it much easier for our direct care staff to train and evaluate client progress."
Ray Von Tungeln
Evergreen Developmental Center
Minden, Louisiana

"The PPS is a God-send which I really enjoy working with. I look forward to new updates."
Paulette Parker
Rouse's Group Home
Stoneville, North Carolina

"In addition to the time saving features, I am enthused about the enhanced program management skills our staff are developing."
Dr. Susan Bedinger
Tacachale - Gainesville
Gainesville, Florida

"The PPS is the most organized system I have ever seen. It takes time to set up but puts the QMRPs back with the clients where they should be."
Rebecca Helgeson
Independent Options
Corona, California

"The support for the PPS is wonderful. The support staff are experienced, knowledgeable and prompt in their response."
Nancy Street
Volunteers of America
Huntsville, Alabama

"The PPS helps to organize and makes programming more efficient."
Alfred Buckley
Comprehensive Care II
Washington, DC

"PPS and the staff at Life Care Services work as partners, creating smooth documentation, progress notes, accurate schedules and automatic reminders for each staff member of responsibilities and plans coming up. It has everything a QMRP needs right at the touch of the fingers. The support staff work diligently through any problems and always solve them."
Cindy Evans
Life Care Services
Ocala, Florida
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